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Neem oil for animal care

Natural bio certified quality product since 1990 by Nature Neem India. BioCare as a fungicide and bactericide

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The neem oil for animals : BioCare

BioCare, the neem oil for animals, is an original formulation from the Nature Neem R&D. Its ingredients are optimise for animal and birds. It is effective to control the external parasites and the different fungal diseases affecting animals and birds. BioCare is the choice of pet keepers who want to search for a natural alternative to chemical pesticides. BioCare belongs to the category of medium to broad-spectrum pesticides. It works by intervening at several stages of the parasites’ life cycle.

BioCare as a fungicide and bactericide

Evidently you can find all the dosages for horses, pigs, rabbits and of cours for your dogs, cats, and birds. After all, there are lot of case studies that proves that oil for animals has cured and rejuvenated the skin of dogs. The neem oil for animals does not create any environmental problem and keeps the agro-ecosystem totally pollution free.
Many methods to eradicate the pests :
  • Sterilizes insect reproductive system and disrupts reproduction.
  • Reduces insect egg laying capacity.
  • Disrupts egg hatchability.
  • Adversely affects the development of larva, pupa and nymphs.

BioCare is certified by Ecocert complaint to NOP & EU norms

Nature Neem products are certified by Ecocert SA F-32600, and European Commission Standards, National Organic Programe (NOP - USDA), Soil Association Certification.

How to apply this product?

Full description, applications, FAQ and information.

The water-soluble neem oil for animals in a word is BioCare. It must be remembered that it is so simple to use, in the first place for all your pets, mammals, horses, … All products from Nature Neem India are full bio. Try NutrAza to complete the neem fertiliser benefits and TotalCare for your plants.

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