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NatureNeem Pure Neem Oil Cold pressing the seed kernel of good quality segregated matured neem seeds.

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The pure neem oil from cold pressing the seed kernel of best quality segregated matured neem seeds. These neem seeds are obtained by de-pulping, washing, drying and decorticating current season neem fruits. Our pure neem oil is without any stabilizers, emulsifiers or additives and is certified by Ecocert as an organic input. The Neem is a biochemical factory that contains several thousands of organic compounds. The medicines use each part of the neem. Neem oil has curative properties and has been widely use in traditional systems of medicine for centuries. After numerous research by leading organizations, neem is the safest medicinal herb effective against several diseases. The FDA’s Office of Special Nutritionals maintains an extensive database of adverse effects from herbal medications. This database does not include any references to Neem that would indicate potential problems.

Why our Pure Neem oil is superior to other oils? Don’t hesitate to compare, you will be surprised!

Because Azadirachtin, the principal ingredient, is around 2500 ppm (0.25 %). Typical batches of certain seasons have shown record levels of 3000 ppm of Azadirachtin. However, the Azadirachtin content of cheaper products available in the market does not exceed 300 ppm.  

For the ayurvedic medicine

Skin Care It’s a natural medicine for the healing of topical skin disorders such as eczema. By the time also for rashes, particularly for acne. Even more for dermatitis, identically dry skin problems, however, burns. You will always find benefits with pure neem oil. Against Head Lice Just before bathing, massage Neem oil directly or mix with 50 % conditioner into the scalp and hair.

An organic insecticide for plants and animals

For use as an organic insecticide, particularly for spraying purposes we propose 2 water soluble products TotalCare formulation of neem oil optimised rather for plant spray and in another case BioCare formulation of neem oil of ectoparasites when, for example, affecting animals.

Pure Neem Oil is certified by Ecocert’s complaint to NOP, EU & JAP norms

Nature Neem products are certified by Ecocert SA F-32600, and European Commission Standards, National Organic Program (NOP - USDA), Soil Association Certification.

How to apply this product?

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Pure neem oil is produced by Nature Neem in Tamil Nadu, India. All products from Nature Neem India are full bio. Similarly, try NutrAza to complete the neem fertiliser benefits, and BioCare specifically for your animals.

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