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Planting Substrate & Soil Conditioner
for an ecological way of home gardening

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1 Brick = 650 gms bricks in compressed stage = 12 L of planting substrate after adding water. Weighs 3 times lighter than a classic potting soil. Easy storage. Ideal for urban gardening – apartments, terraces …

Compressed planting substrate made from coco pith and fibre.  Easy to store. 1 brick of 650 g = 12 litres of planting medium after rehydration.  Provides excellent water retention and aeration properties that promote plant establishment and rapid root growth. Perfectly suited for seedlings, potted plants, and kitchen gardens. Description Coco Bricks is a planting medium or substrate made from coconut pith in compressed form.  With 4 litres of water, it hydrates within minutes to obtain around 12 litres of planting substrate ready for cultivation. This substrate is suitable for all types of cultivation, both outdoors and indoors. When mixed with the garden soil or other potting media, it acts as a soil conditioner and water retainer. How is the product manufactured? “Coir” is the name given to the thick fibrous mesocarp that surrounds the nut of the coconut. When extracting the fibre, a significant amount (about 2/3) of material called PEAT, PITH, DUST, or peat* is obtained.  The product is washed to remove salts naturally present in the crushed fibre. The pH and salt levels are rigorously controlled to meet the requirements for even delicate crops.  The peat is mixed with cut coconut fibres and then compressed at 8:1 in the form of a block of size 20 x 10 x 5 cm block. Coconut peat is a spongy material that is naturally glued to coconut fibre.  Not to be confused with the non-renewable peat, an organic matter found in a water-saturated environment and forests whose extraction is controversial. How to use it?
  • Put the unwrapped block in a bucket.
  • Add 4 litres of normal water.
  • Allow the block to absorb the water for 30 to 60 minutes. You can even add 1 or 2 spoons of NutrAza, the natural fertilizer that resists pests.
  • The 650-gram block with 4 litres of water can produce a soil of 10-12 litres of planting media.
  • Pour with excessive water after the absorption process.
  • Perfectly suited to growing plants, and seedlings, or to mix with your planting medium.
  • absence of mould and the uniformity of moisture makes it a perfect fit for seedlings, growing herbs, vegetables, ornamental and exotic plants.
  • 100% natural product, biodegradable. Decomposition process in 5 years.
  • Minimizes transplant shock of the seedlings.
  • No weed problems
  • CocoBricks retain water and release it to plants when required. It softens the soil and allows a good aeration of the roots thereby facilitating the absorption of nutrients. This leads to hardening of the stems and roots.
  • As it inhibits mould growth, it is well suited for growing exotic plants, without any supplement

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