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Pellet of neem seed cake as natural organic fertilizer and soil protectant

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Pellet of neem seed cake – Best organic fertilizer and soil protectant.

Enrich with organic to rectify the soil. This pellet is a special technology to preserve all of the benefits of neem. The pellet of neem seed increases the storage by up to 3 years and equally facilitates large-scale field application.
  • Best organic fertilizer that contains macronutrients and micronutrients in natural form.
  • Bio-stimulant for the plants when absorbed through roots. It accelerates root development and overall plant growth.
  • NutrAza improves the general appearance of fruits & vegetables and increases the leaf age, growth, blossoming and strengthening of the roots.
  • Soil conditioner that improves soil structure by adding organic content and bringing back the soil flora.
  • Natural soil pesticide & fungicide that repels soil insects and retards soil pathogenic fungus.
  • Best natural nematicide with a scientifically proven long-term remedy against a spectrum of nematodes affecting plants.
Moreover, NutrAza contains a number of essential micronutrients and some of the important oligo-elements like copper, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and zinc. These elements are absorbed by the plants for their daily activity and the production of catalytic enzymes.

Pest repellent activity of NutrAza

Neem is a biochemical factory of more than 200 biochemical constituents. When it is ploughed into the soil it also protects plant roots from nematodes and soil insects. Neem is also known to inhibit the growth of a range of soil-born parasitic fungi causing root rots, wilts, etc… NutrAza is a special formulation of neem seed cake in order to retain the major nutrients as long as possible. Its pelletised form increases its storage capabilities for more than 2 years but neem seed cake or powder gets deteriorates if stored for more than 6 months. NutrAza pellets enable basal soil application or top dressing using sophisticated mechanised machines. It is easy to handle and the application is uniform in the field. Applications: For field crops, for nurseries, for repotting, for transplantation,… NutrAza is certified by Ecocert as an organic input in compliance with the different agricultural standards. It is the favourite input for farmers seeking organic certifications. NatureNeem organic fertilizer with NutrAzaHow to apply this product? Full description, applications and information about this product. CLICK HERE

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