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Water soluble Neem oil for plants

NatureNeem plants care with TotalCareNatural bio certified quality product since 1990 by Nature Neem India
Mix 5-10 ml per water and spray. Non toxic for human, animals, birds ..


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The neem oil for plants: TotalCare

TotalCare is the best botanical pesticide in organic agriculture and gardens. Obtained by emulsifying pure cold pressed neem oil from the current season neem seeds, that’s why the neem oil for plants contains all benefits for your garden, therefore the choice and the dosage of emulsifier is optimised since long years of research being that all the magic ingredients are well preserved, also TotalCare is superior due to its wider application and its influence on 200 pest species. Significantly, some of them are already resistant or inherently difficult to control with conventional pesticides.

How TotalCare works ?

TotalCare belongs to the category of medium to broad-spectrum insecticide, in other words, it works by intervening at several life cycle stages of the insect. In addition, the following are the modes of action of TotalCare on the insect pests.

Organic, natural and biodegradable

TotalCare, neem oil for plants, is nontoxic to mammals, animals, birds and aquatic life, as much as no post-harvest indexes, and no residual toxicity carried over to the harvested product; by the time you can apply at any stage of the plant.

The herbal power of neem

It provides a natural remedy by increasing the overall health of the plant and by increasing its resistance to pests and diseases. TotalCare, neem oil for plants, carries the organic source of macro and micronutrients. Contains nearly 200 oligo-elements. Suitable for organic agriculture.

Why TotalCare is superior to other oils? Don’t hesitate to compare, you will be surprised!

Because Azadirachtin, the principal ingredient, is around 2500 ppm (0.25 %). Typical batches of certain seasons have shown record levels of 3000 ppm of Azadirachtin. However, the Azadirachtin content of cheaper products available in the market does not exceed 300 ppm.

TotalCare is certified by Ecocert’s complaint to USDA, NOP & EU norms

Nature Neem products are certified by Ecocert SA F-32600, and European Commission Standards, National Organic Program (NOP - USDA), Soil Association Certification.

How to apply this product?

Full description, applications, FAQ and information.

The water-soluble neem oil for plants in a word is TotalCare. In conclusion, it must be remembered is so simple to use, in the first place for all your flowers, and for all agriculture and trees. All products from Nature Neem India are full bio. Similarly, try NutrAza to complete the neem fertiliser benefits and BioCare for your animals.

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